Winner shooting spot is located in Pollachi. Pollachi, a town panchayat is located in Coimbatore district which is at a distance of 40 km from Coimbatore. Pollachi Town is famous for its beautiful nature along with cool climate which attracts many travelers from all over the world. Tourist places like ancient temples, Reserve forests, waterfalls, and Reservoirs are the main attractions.

Pollachi is not only famous for its tourist attraction, it is also well-known for its Coconut farms, providing Coir non-woven Mats, Coir Ropes, Coir Yarn, Coconut oils, and Geo Products like fences, garden pots, and buckets. All these gifts from nature make the place ideal for movie shooting.

One of the best places to visit in Pollachi which is at a distance of 21 km from Pollachi bus stand. Also famously called Athuparai Winner Cascade, Aathuparai Water Cascade, Athuparai Winner Fame Water Cascade. This place is located a few Km before Aliyar Dam, and the name of the village is Athupaarai. It takes around 35-45 minutes by town bus from Pollachi town bus stand to reach this place; however, if you travel by two or four-wheeler, you could reach the place 10-15 minutes earlier.

Main Area - Winner Shooting Spot

We had so much fun and a lot of memories. We traveled from Coimbatore to reach the spot. Our visit to this place was during our final year of college, and I’ll never forget the fun we had there. Since Pollachi is located in the tropical region, the average temperature ranges from 24 to 30 ° C, with a cool to moderate climate.

The Aliyar River provides water to this place, and the environment is clean and lightly populated. The best time to visit is when the water flow is at its optimum. If the water level is low, you can walk to surrounding farms or places. If you’re going with kids, take precautions because the reservoir side is quite deep, and avoid diving into it if you don’t know how to swim. Also, keep an eye out for smooth wet spots to prevent from falling.

Local people generally use this place for bathing and washing. There were no guards to watch over this place since it is not a well-developed tourist spot.  There are no private places for changing clothes after bathing, and there are no public toilet facilities. Entry is free, and it is advisable to visit during the day rather than at night.

This location is ideal for outdoor photoshoots such as pre-wedding, post-wedding, and Instagram photoshoots.


Other side of the place.

View of River Bank On the Other side


Our travel started from the Ukkadam bus stand in Coimbatore. We took the Pollachi bus from Ukkadam and it was a 1.15 – 1.30 hours travel to Pollachi. From there we reached Pollachi town bus stand and took 29 A/C bus. After 30-40 minutes of travel, we reached the Aathuparai bus stop and walked a few minutes to reach the water area. Return travel was not as we expected since we waited around 1 hr for local buses to reach Pollachi. My suggestion is to take own vehicles on your travel. 

Other means of traveling to the spot:

By Road:

The best way to go to Pollachi is by road, as the town is well-served by buses from major cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, and Coimbatore, and many others. If you arrive at Coimbatore Airport by flight from some other state or city, you can take a bus to Ukkadam from SITRA, where there are frequent buses to Pollachi.

Buses run frequently from Avinashi Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore North, Sulur, and Singanallur, which serve as the arrival points for other state buses. You can take a bus to Ukkadam from either of these bus stations.

By Flight:

The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport, which is located in SITRA. The airport is well connected to major airports across the country as well as a number of international airports. Pollachi is 50 kilometers from the airport, and there are several buses, taxis, and rental cars available to get you to the main bus stand in Pollachi.

By Train:

One of the nearest railway stations is Coimbatore Railway Junction, which is around 41 km from Pollachi. Traveling by bus from the railway junction bus stop to the Ukkadam bus stop, takes around 5-10 minutes from where you can take buses to Pollachi.   You can also travel to the shooting spot by taking a train to Pollachi Junction, from where you can board bus to reach the shooting spot.

When we look at the food facilities, we noticed that there are no developed hotels or bakeries. As a reason, the best option is to take food with you. We noticed mangoes, cucumbers, and spices in the play area, which were sold by locals nearby. Since drinking water is not available in the play area, my advice is to carry as many water bottles as you can.

Pollachi Bus Stand.

Pollachi Town Bus Stand

Aathuparai Bus stop.

Athupaarai Bus Stop


Visitors to this location will be exposed to village culture and will have the opportunity to see a breathtaking sight of mountains whose peaks tend to touch the clouds when viewed from a distance. Coconut farms can also be found in this area. The view of flowing water attracted everyone.

View on the way to Winner Shooting Spot

Winner Shooting Spot.


There is no specific parking facility that is maintained by the government or the private sector. However, you need not be worried about parking because there is plenty of free space near the main road.


Best Place for Fun Gaming!

Other attractions near Winner shooting spot.

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