The Vande Bharat Express train service connecting Coimbatore to Bangalore has become one of the most popular intercity rail routes in South India. Let us take a deeper look at this comfortable and convenient train journey from the cities of Coimbatore to Bangalore.

About Vande Bharat Coimbatore to Bangalore Express train

The train departs from Coimbatore at 5:00 AM and reaches Bengaluru at 11:30 AM before making its return journey. From booking tickets to journey duration and onboard amenities, this article covers all the important aspects travelers need to know.

Distance covered

The distance between Coimbatore Junction Railway Station and Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station in Bangalore is around 375 km.

Travel time

The Vande Bharat Express completes this journey in around 6:30-7 hours. With an average speed higher than other trains, it is much faster than conventional intercity trains on this route.

Train Number

20642 – Coimbatore to Bangalore Cant

20641 – Bangalore Cant to Coimbatore


Vande Bharat Coimbatore to Bangalore timings are as below:

Train 20642 leaves Coimbatore Junction at 5:00 AM and reaches Bangalore Cantonment (Bangalore Cant) Railway Station in Bangalore at 11:30 AM. The return train 20641 departs Bangalore Cantonment at 1:40 PM and arrives in Coimbatore at 8:00 PM.

Intermediate Stations

Vande Bharat Coimbatore to Bangalore route has intermediate stations where train stops are as below.

  • Tirupur
  • Erode
  • Salem
  • Dharmapuri
  • Hosur

Runs On

Train doesn’t operate on Thursday and runs the rest of the weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Classes Available

CC (AC Chair car) & EC (Executive Chair Car).

Ticket price

Vande Bharat Coimbatore to Bangalore train ticket prices differ for each class. The below table has the ticket price without any additional costs like payment charges, and insurance charges. The additional charges may sum to this price during the booking of the ticket.

Coimbatore to Bangalore ticket fare 1025 1930
Bangalore to Coimbatore ticket fare 1400 2355


Passengers can enjoy amenities like comfortable seating, 180-degree rotatable seats, automatic doors, GPS-based passenger information system, and bio-toilets on this train. Wi-Fi, entertainment screens, and food delivery are also available.

How to book train tickets

The next important thing to consider during travel is booking a ticket. Click to know how to book tickets in the IRCTC app.

What Travelers Say About the Vande Bharat Experience?

Passengers have heaped praise on various aspects of traveling between Coimbatore and Bangalore on this prestigious high-speed train:

– Spacious, ergonomic, and fully reclining seats are very comfortable even on long journeys.
– Automatic doors, smoke alarms, CCTV cameras, GPS navigation, and spacious aisles make movement inside coaches extremely easy.

– WiFi connectivity, entertainment screens, and onboard services enhance the overall travel experience multifold.
– A well-timed schedule ensures travelers reach Bangalore well in time for a relaxed day ahead or for work the next day.

– Air-conditioned coaches maintain pleasant temperatures even during summers.
– Clean toilets with modern fittings and regular upkeep make using restrooms hassle-free.

– Picturesque landscape views through large windows are like scenes from a scenic travel documentary. Makes the journey truly memorable.

– Compared to flights or regular trains, Vande Bharat fare provides the best value for money for Indians seeking a stress-free travel option.

Vande Bharat Coimbatore to Bangalore

Factors to Consider for Travel Planning

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for smooth travel planning on the Vande Bharat Express:

Ticket Booking
– Book well in advance, at least 10-15 days prior for confirmed reservations through the IRCTC website or app. Tatkal is also available.

Travel Dates
– Weekdays are often less crowded than weekends. Avoid peak

Meals on the train

– Provide more details on the menu options available from the onboard catering service like breakfast, lunch, and dinner thali prices.

– Recommend pre-booking meal packages to avoid hassles.

Entertainment on board

– Describe the variety of movies, songs, and audiobooks available on the entertainment screens. Mention languages.

– Suggest downloading movies/shows on the onboard WiFi for long offline viewing.

Toilets and conveniences

– Emphasize the hygienic nature of bio-vacuum toilets that are regularly cleaned.

– Highlight amenities like diaper changing stations, dustbins, etc.

In summary, the Vande Bharat Coimbatore to Bangalore Express provides the perfect balance of comfort, speed, and affordability for relaxed, hassle-free intercity travel between Coimbatore and Bangalore. Be sure to sit on the right side of the train for the best views!

I hope travelers find this information on the Vande Bharat Express train booking, schedule, amenities, activities, and more useful for ease of travel planning between Coimbatore and Bangalore. Please feel free to comment if any other details are needed.

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Happy Travelling!